Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Update from the delivery crew:

Hi Friends
The ocean has turned more familiar...darker in color with more texture.  The skies still swell and squall but with less commitment and luckily we have avoided most of the squalls for the last two days.  Everyone getting comfortable with reading where they are forming, where they are going and devising the sail plan to escape with the boat safe and sound.  Great team work.

Music libraries are a daily discussion topic....and ever changing through the night shifts with the girl and boy teams showing disparate tastes, although Madie and Becca know a broader spectrum of music than would be anticipated by their ages.

Food stores were well provisioned so we are still eating well. Good thing as we have been skunked with catching fish for the last couple days.

Still seeing lots of trash.  Yesterday proved to be the saddest sight with a 6 ft ray appearing to be tangled in a line with a net.  The ray flopped on the surface showing us her white cream belly and wing tips as she tried to free herself.  A painful example of the nature of the impact the trash is having on our ocean.  Please donate to your favorite organization or go out and clean up your favorite beach.

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