Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Morning Update from Sheri on Sleeper

Here is the Monday morning update from Sheri:

Hello Friends
Yesterday was a momentous day with us passing through the imaginary halfway point.  Just around sunset we moved through mile 1112.5.  We had a small celebration sharing a bottle of Menage a trois and toasting to Neptune and friends not with us. 

Jared shared a personal moment with us in remembrance of his dear friend's Dad 'Joel'.  He shared wonderful stories of his childhcod and Joel's playful spirit and mischievous engagement with his son and his son's friends (Jared).  Joel had the gift of a smile and a contagious sense of humor.  A toast a cheer and then it was back to business: Transpac. 

Sunday night was a roller coaster ride that saw winds ranging from 15-25kts.  The Appethyl A2 spinnaker was superb! Although challenging to keep filled with wind as the boat lurched and rolled on the liquid silver, cloaked in black.  The four most experienced drivers - Ron, Bryan, Chad and Andrew steered us through until dawn's light.  Where the wind didn't let up but the sunshine made the situation seem so much less treacherous.  Jared is on the helm now coaxing beautiful boat to find her true course to Oahu in 20 kts of breeze: FRESH.

We are doing well against our competition, which is tough.  This morning's position report finds us still in second place behind Dorade and ahead of Westward and Between the Sheets.

Perhaps today the wind backs and we make the turn towards Molokai.

Keep us close to your hearts and on your minds.

Team Sleeper


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