Sunday, August 11, 2013

News from the high

Good morning friends
Hopefully the last note from the pacific high....ground hog day like adventures.
Yesterday was amazing...again..we stopped to swim for 20 minutes.  We took gopro video (available later) of our antics.  Flips off the bow, swan dives off the cabin top and some general relaxation in the clear blue pacific bikinis and board shorts.  Gonna miss this.

Amazingly, Madie was almost not going to swim since we had spent the first two hours of our daylight shift combing, washing and conditioning her mane...but she yielded and was the last out!  Stuart was at the helm when Rebecca jumped in after throwing out safety lines but miscalculated how fast 1.5kts was in swimming speed and for one moment was swimming for her life (:-) then Stuart turned the boat to her, we hove to and she grabbed the safety line.  Very funny moment captured on video but I will need help editing it for effect.

Once back aboard we continued our motoring journey and worked on another set of tan lines.  Rebecca cheated and normalized to one set of bikini tan lines.

As the sun set, stunning us again with colors and clouds, backed up by spectacular stars and the new moon slice (bowed and wished for love and happiness to come to you Nyati) we donned our foul weather gear as it got quite wet and chilly.  The girls are holding out and still barefooted.

We wish y'all were here with us.

Wind starts up again tomorrow if my software is correct and then we have a straight run to San Pedro.  Perhaps there by Wet Wednesday racing least we hope to come through the harbor with our Boat decals and Vector 450 crew shirts on...YES Terry the decals are still on and we have video from the water level to prove it!

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