Friday, August 9, 2013

update 8-9

Hello Friends
Well Trevor told me that when he raced the big boat to Hawaii he caught Mahi Mahi off the back of the boat, 25 ft line in the face of the following wave and well Trevor we have done that too.  3rd fish in 1800 miles...not such a good average but it sure made for an exciting shift change.

Seems our best time is from 10-11 in the morning.  The SKP lure was out.  Madie was driving and I was trimming.  Everyone else was below making yummy oatmeal with raisins and walnuts.  Madie heard the bungee pop and I turned to look and saw a 3ft Mahi launch for the lure and hit it...FISH ON. Then the chaos to get a camera up so we could capture this moment properly as we hadn't in the past.  So Becca made it up to capture the finale of bringing the beauty aboard.  Rick and Stuart then proceeded to follow Trevor's reco to fillet the fish, no deheading or gutting, and we had two 3 lb fillets shortly.

Peter treated us to dinner of fresh backed Mahi fillets with tortelli with Pesto.  Then back to shift work.  Wonderful finish to a slow day of motor sailing through another high.  5 kt winds all day.

Today started with the winds coming up to 12 so the engine is off and Madie is at the helm trying to coax 7kts of boat speed.  Wish us luck...

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