Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Racing Update

As we near the near the half way point either late today or tommorrow, Sleeper still seems to be in a good position a little off to the right of the rhumb line...

Division 8 leader Manatea had about a 150 nm lead over Sleeper, but being a 65 foot boat she owes a lot of time to Sleeper. Ron had been keeping near Division 7 entry Gefion for quite some time, however Gefion has now bore off back to the rhumb line. Interesting because division 7 leader Kiho (about 50nm ahead of Sleeper) is starting to head back to the right of the rhumb line. The tactics and battle for wind are obliviously well underway!

Only a few crew updates from the last day or two. Sheri Hunt was able to report that the crew that initially fell victim to seasickness have since recovered and are doing fine. And after a cold and wet first few days the weather is now starting to improve with more sun than clouds and warmer temperatures.

As of the last couple of updates Sleeper had been running first corrected time, but we'll see what the next couple of days bring as Sleeper crosses the halfway point!

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