Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sheri Saturday Morning Update---The Couscous Disaster!

From Sheri Hunt this morning...

Please forward to all you know who may be interested as I have a limited address book.Well we lost our 1st in class and 1st in fleet position to Dorade last night. We are now corrected to 2nd in class and 2nd in fleet. The big boats start today so the race is on. We have about 1200 miles to go and are hoping to make it to a new windline by the end of the weekend.

This morning we were welcomed to the day by a frigate gliding across the wave faces effortlessly. 1000 miles from land and he decided to come to say hi. Circled us twice on his fly by and the off into the sunrise.

A squally night with us seeing winds up to 22kts but with no consistency.  Lots of stars and many of them shooting. The worst part so far is the smell in the house of fermenting couscous!  4 lbs or something like that was lost to the port bilge area due to water in the bilge that was isolated from the pumps due to the heel angle of the boat for the first 3 days.  When if finally splashed into the crew bunk floors it was too late to salvage the dry stores in the port lockers...the boxes were left intact except for soft bottoms and no couscous.  ;)  We bailed the bilge but the little couscous culprits remained in isolated compartments...a proper bath for the boat and crew upon arrival in Honolulu.  

Keep us close in your hearts and on your minds.

CheersTeam Sleeper.

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